[After Turning the piano keys into a fun Musical story, his eyes lit up...]

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Michael Sapoznik

You and your children love music, show it to them like never before!

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Take the first step to getting your child to learn music!

The intro to music that will

last a lifetime with your child

I wrote a 35-page children's book called Ben The Brave and the World of Rock, showcasing elements of music. This includes instrument identification and the qualities that instrument gives to a song.


When you sit with your child you'll discover...

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PILLAR #1:  Music = fun See music in a fun new light. In this engaging story, I highlight the fundamentals that make up a song. It is through the sum total of the instruments playing their parts together that leaves someone with a lasting musical experience.
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PILLAR #2:  Unlock the key to music education you've been seeking by reading Ben The Brave with your child. This content is carefully written and published with the children's musical experience as the first priority. In this children's story alone there are hundreds of musical references textually and visually.
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PILLAR #3:  Engage on their level It starts with a captivating story filled with musical elements interwoven along the way. It then builds from visually stunning stories to interactive Do-It-Yourself instruments to play along with, as well as interactive story apps, to themed sheet music and the list goes on!  It is in order to unlock that musical inspiration that is innate in every child.
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PILLAR #4:  Setup For Success When children do decide to learn music, they will be at an advantage. Why? Because they will already be familiar with its basic terminology and have a personal relationship with it. 

Ready to unlock musical success and have your child pick up a fun and healthy activity?

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Experience with music at a young age in effect can "fine-tune" the brain's auditory system. Increasing music experience appears to benefit all children -- whether musically exceptional or not -- in a wide range of learning activities -Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern's Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

Music education helps students in preschool and elementary school learn to read and write because it enriches their language skills (for example through rhymes and patterns) and helps students read more fluently. -Paquette, K.R. & Rieg, S.A. Department of Professional Studies in Education

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Who is this book for?

[This is for the parent (or awesome grandparent!) Who...]

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Who wants their child to foster a love for music but doesn't know how: 
Because let's be honest, it's not exactly 'easy' to compete with children's interests today, even more so if music education is difficult at the very beginning. Even if you like a song, how do we point out different music elements to enrich the experience with the child?
This book is going to break down musical elements in a clear way. This will allow you to hear instruments by themselves and then hear the instruments together in a song. See the elements of music like this arms the child with the vocabulary and vision to pick up the instrument that is best for them. 
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Aims for their child to have healthy outlets: With so many things out there grabbing for child's attention, it is becoming increasingly challenging to stick to an activity long enough for the benefits to settle in. This book will grab their attention and present music with personality and clarity.  
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Feels that their child is missing out on the benefits of learning music at a young age: 
Music is that unique experience that children (and adults) of all ages can enjoy. When a child takes that fun from just listening to a song to truly playing an instrument, the experience and benefits open up a whole new world for their development. This book will clearly show what each instrument will add to a song. 
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Wants to have healthy child-friendly content that is both educational and entertaining. (Written with the classroom in mind!) We are a pro-education startup, and empowering students to achieve their full potential is our mission. Ben The Brave is continually growing on a multi-media basis to enrich the musical experience for children.

If you're a music lover and you want to share your love of music with your child...

This book is going to give you the fun and basics of music

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Plus a ton of bonuses you're going to love...
  • New music
  • Musical Activities
  • Comics
  • Webisodes
  • And Much More!
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From the Beginning

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Captivate - Interact - Succeed - Inspire

Get your ticket to a musical adventure series that will grant you access to explore music in a fresh and fun way. In each musical-genre world, there is a key that powers the instruments for a concert, unlike any other. Join Ben and his trusty sidekick, Boom Boom the Bass Clef, on their journey to catch the mischievous Treble Maker—who keeps stealing all the musical keys! 

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Learning Through Play



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The newest addition to the classroom - teacher approved

An engaging story with a plethora of musical elements. The story will expose the child to different instruments, sounds, and creativity in a fun environment.



Drum Assetts update with instructions r.

Discover the connection of one instrument to another. Achieve that by hearing the instruments by themselves and then as a whole. 

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​In our musical universe, we're proud to provide a caring and safe environment for your children and students. Enjoy the multitude of different interactions there can be with music. By following our mission, vision, and core values, we create a nurturing, stimulating, and welcoming learning environment for all children. Music has the power to break barriers, and this is a perfect place to explore. 
We provide our students with more opportunities to reach the tools they need for future happiness and success, both academically and emotionally. Music is the way to get there. Our unique program incorporates a variety of educational theories that allow for hands-on, experiential learning. Get in touch to learn more!

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With a sincere love for music and children, Michael has made it his mission to make music more accessible. The motivation came from giving music lessons to one of his students with unique learning abilities. Instead of a traditional book to piano lesson, it transformed into a bouncing rhythm ball, musical freeze game, coloring, and even full-on stories! It resulted in a pure and complete engagement with music. From there came the inspiration for creating an immersive musical world. Exposing the child to music in a fundamentally different way. Ultimately, to provide them more of an opportunity to be inspired to learn an instrument.

Hi I'm Michael Sapoznik and when i found myself teaching music to young children and then having to do other 

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Interested in learning more about Ben The Brave? Get in touch, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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