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Get your ticket to a musical adventure series that will grant you access to explore music in a fresh and fun way. In each musical-genre world, there is a key that powers the instruments for a concert, unlike any other. Join Ben and his trusty sidekick, Boom Boom the Bass Clef, on their journey to catch the mischievous Treble Maker—who keeps stealing all the musical keys! 


It starts with an opportunity.

How do we make music more accessible to children? One of the main challenges in learning music is the high learning curve, including foreign terminology, abstract shapes, and precise coordination. It's certainly not impossible, but to many, it is daunting. However, when heart and passion are involved, there's nothing that could stop them. 

Here lies the groundwork for an interactive musical educational experience. It starts with a captivating story filled with musical elements interwoven along the way to pull out that musical inspiration that is innate in every child. Students will be exposed to music and its terminology in an entirely unique and immersive environment. When they do decide to learn music, students will be at an advantage. Why? Because they will already be familiar with its basic terminology and have a personal relationship with it. 

"How do I get my child to learn music? I want them to have the academic and emotional benefits of playing music!" -Typical loving parent



Learning Through Play


The newest addition to the classroom - teacher approved

An engaging story with a plethora of musical elements. The story will expose the child to different instruments, sounds, and creativity in a fun environment.



Discover the connection of one instrument to another. Achieve that by hearing the instruments by themselves and then as a whole. 



From the Beginning

​In our musical universe, we're proud to provide a caring and safe environment for your children and students. Enjoy the multitude of different interactions there can be with music. By following our mission, vision, and core values, we create a nurturing, stimulating, and welcoming learning environment for all children. Music has the power to break barriers, and this is a perfect place to explore. 
We provide our students with more opportunities to reach the tools they need for future happiness and success, both academically and emotionally. Music is the way to get there. Our unique program incorporates a variety of educational theories that allow for hands-on, experiential learning. Get in touch to learn more!


With a sincere love for music and children, Michael has made it his mission to make music more accessible. The motivation came from giving music lessons to one of his students with unique learning abilities. Instead of a traditional book to piano lesson, it transformed into a bouncing rhythm ball, musical freeze game, coloring, and even full-on stories! It resulted in a pure and complete engagement with music. From there came the inspiration for creating an immersive musical world. Exposing the child to music in a fundamentally different way. Ultimately, to provide them more of an opportunity to be inspired to learn an instrument.


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