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Ben the Brave has embarked on a daring mission; to explore every musical world in the Universe of Music! All it takes is - uniting the 'Musical Key' with each instrument's musical note.

But that mission was interrupted because of silent trouble... Ben must contend against the mischievous Treble Maker – an infamous thief determined to steal the Musical Key from the world and prevent any music from playing!

Together with his trusty sidekick, Boom Boom the Bass Clef, they will travel across countless musical worlds to save the music. It begins in the World of Rock as our loveable hero embarks upon his grandest adventure yet!

Ben The Brave Music Adventure Kit Picture Detail

Are you ready for an adventure story about music filled with educational elements that inspire children to come back for more?

Introduce your child to the wonderful
Universe Of Music
with the brand new...

Grandchildren and grandparents 3_edited.
Child with grandfather holding Ben The Brave Book
Ben The Brave was created to help children discover the musical instrument they
want to play!

Your child will be able to get hands-on experience with different instruments and how they look and sound with a: 

  • Three-part children's adventure book series 

  • Fantastic posters of instruments and characters to create a music corner!

  • Ben The Brave positive and fun music

  • 40-day music challenge with tons of music and sound exploration inside and outside the home, plus an exclusive 'Adventure' ticket to start!

  • ​Jumbo-Sized Music Coloring book

This children's adventure series will ignite the love of music for young ones today!

Early Bird Pre-Order Special
Save over 50% OFF!

[The intro to music that will last a lifetime!]

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Ben The Brave Music Adventure Kit Picture Detail
Ben The Brave Music Adventure Kit Picture

Ages 2-8+

This Kit is the perfect gift to introduce children to music.

Who is this groundbreaking awesome Music Adventure kit for?

[This is for children (or awesome grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and some really cool grandparents)...]

This kit is designed to get children passionate about music and discover which instrument they want to play

Or, if they already play an instrument, get them even more excited about it! 

Plus, there's fun for everyone here, which means you, mom, dad, grandparents, and so many more! 


You already know music is a powerful force that can move our hearts and bodies. Now is the time to start discovering what makes music fun and unique!


I'm Michael Sapoznik, children's book author, producer, and creator of

Ben The Brave Music Adventure Series.

When I founded my parent company Unlocking Music, it was to create experiences that allow music to become a deeper part of our lives. 


While I've spent so much time working with kids on how to foster a love for music, it wasn't always that way.


In fact, I didn't pick up an instrument until I was 19 years old and in college! Why? Because I never learned to truly appreciate the joy and pleasure of playing an instrument. So video games and movies really helped make the time pass by. 


But what if a child's path could be different. Don't we all hope children choose to spend their time wisely and build incredible life skills?


Consider this: Your child (or young one) loves music!

It looks like an excellent opportunity to take their love of music and turn it into learning an instrument. However, they resist with - "I'd rather watch Youtube videos or play video games! Besides, it's too hard and boring!"

I don't want this to happen to you.


So I took the guesswork out of how to start from day one with a positive music experience that uses ` imagination and adventure that turns exploring music into loving music!

I am doing this with my brand new Ben The Brave Music Adventure Kit:


It's jam-packed with a fun-filled children's book series. It's got a 50-day music challenge, with something new to do daily in music and sound. It's got a jumbo-sized coloring book, musicposters, and more. Your little musician will have you by their side as they embark on this new exciting path. 


The entire purpose of BenThe Brave is to bring you and your children into the vast Universe of Music and connect to a deeper, better part of ourselves.

Start their musical journey from DAY ONE as a fun tale!


It's time to introduce:

Children holding and reading Ben The Brave
Everything you need to start your child on the right path for a great music experience!
Ok, I have to admit you've got my attention. That looks fun and adorable.
But where do they start?

I'm glad you asked, let's jump right in and see!
Ben The Brave Music Adventure Kit Picture Detail
Ben The Brave Music Adventure Kit Picture
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Three volumes of Ben The Brave Children Book
Kickstarter 3 Volumes 22_edited.png

There are over 100+ pages of music to enjoy.

The journey starts here:

Three-part children's adventure book series. This story will allow children to discover the most common instruments found in music. 
($85 value)
Then move on to the Jumbo Coloring Book for even more music fun! ($37 Value)
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Children reading Ben The Brave
Coloring Book Cover Ben The Brave
Then take our beautiful immersive posters to build your own musical corner to foster creativity and exploration. ($47 Value)
Mother with son playing piano together
Poster 4 copy.png
50 Day Calendar 3.jpg
50 Day Calendar 9.jpg
50 Day Calendar 12.jpg
50 Day Calendar 25.jpg
Then try the first of its kind, a 40-day music challenge with your young ones! Develop a deeper relationship together through musical activities. This is where you partake as music becomes alive! ($147 value)
Create your potential.png
AG Thumbnail.png
Watch Youtube instrument videos
($97 value)

Through this Music Kit, be ready for children to try guitar, piano, or drums. (They might want to start a band, so be prepared to jump in yourself!)

Gain access to our private parent and teacher music Facebook group to have access to continued support and a place to share success stories! (*Priceless*)
FB Group.JPG
This was all designed solely to open the musical inspiration inside every child.

With so many ways to make music real, your child is guaranteed to have hours of fun while learning about their favorite instruments and characters.
So get ready for some musical excitement - it starts here.
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Early Bird Pre-Order Special Save over 50% OFF!

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Children will use their imagination and our tools to feel the music in unique ways.
Take it to the chorus!
Here's a recap of everything you need to start your child on the right path for a great music experience:

Ages 2-8+

Printed Assets Spread rearrange 22.png
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  • Three-part children's adventure book series with over 100+ pages of music to enjoy.

($85 value)

  • 50-day music challenge 50 days of fun music activities indoor & outdoor, and beyond!

($147 value)

  • Jumbo-Sized Music Coloring book with mazes, music trivia, and more!

($37 Value)

  • Fantastic posters of instruments and characters to make an Immersive Music Corner!

($47 Value)

  • Free Bonus: Two original songs playing and presenting the instruments found in the Ben The Brave story! ($27Value)

  • Free Bonus: Engaging YouTube Videos to help your child take the instrument exploration even deeper!

($97 value)

  • Free Bonus: Special VIP Offers just for owners of this Kit: Get first access to special events and technology that will help make your child's experience more enjoyable. This includes custom birthday songs, classroom visits, classes on songwriting, music production, and more!

       ($247 value)

  • Free Bonus: Private Facebook group access Invite only to continued support, extra guidance, and network with like-minded parents. Share success stories and inspire the next young musician on their journey! (*Priceless*)

Total Value:                $689

Retail Value:                       $197


Preorder now and get it for over 

50% off for a limited time only:  $97!




When we release this to the public, it will be $197.

There's a limited number of people we can have participate as this founder member price. 

This special deal is only to get this fantastic new product in children's hands as soon as possible. We could charge more (more than $197! We actually might do that in the future.) 

Right now, we are looking for some case studies for those that would benefit from this.


We are only taking the first 300 orders at this early-bird special discount.

Our hope is that the founding members do something brave and shout their excitement off the mountain tops to share their experience with everyone. Be ready to believe how fun and amazing this music experience could be with the entire family.

So not only will you save 50% on the retail price, but we will also give you first access to special events and new content that will help make your child's experience more enjoyable! This includes custom birthday songs, classroom visits, classes on songwriting, music production, and more!

We are making such an insane offer because we believe in this so much that we want to do something to promote it. 
But there's a catch. To get your order in at this price you must be one of the first 300 orders! Now it's To get your children introduced to instruments and know which one they want to play. ​

Sound fair? Great! 



Get in before this offer isn't here anymore!

Just in case there's any other reason you're on the fence:
We are going to take on all the risks! 
If you feel that this Music Adventure Kit isn't worth at least what we are charging, if not more, we will refund every penny.

That's how confident we feel about this fantastic Music Adventure Kit because we know you'll absolutely love it. 
Boom. It's no hassle. Just write in the subject line to 'My dog ate it,' and we'll send you a refund, and you could keep it and give it to a friend to enjoy!

With this incredible package, you now have interactive elements to create a music corner in your home or classroom. This Ben The Brave Music Ultimate Package is jam-packed with incredible original content to help bring music to life.

100% Guaranteed 2_edited.png

Early Bird Pre-Order Discount for a limited time only!

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This Music Adventure Kit will help your child learn about music and how it works. 


It is exciting, easy to read, and filled with tons of knowledge to help push through the challenges of learning a new instrument.


After they're inspired, they can start learning how to play music on a real instrument (And stick with it!) And it's for tons of good reason!  


Playing music opens up a brand new world of knowledge and development. Children acquire higher math, reading, and comprehension skills, emotional development, and more! 

We will show you what each instrument is and what it can add to a song. It's enjoyable for children of all ages.

Over $600 In Value!

Here is a preview of the story...

BtB B2 sketches.png
CMYK RS 11.jpg
CMYK RS 9.jpg

A short while later...

Gabe s.png

Uh oh... ::Gulp:: Umm... We're experiencing technical difficulties.
We'll be right I back. I Hope...

U MK_5.gif
BCC concert.png

Oh No!                                              that powered the instruments for our


concert was stolen by the    :                                       !

Musical Key Text.png
Treble Maker text.png
CMYK RS 14.jpg

Psst.... Hey you!

Yes you! Can you help us out?

I need you to help us make a special call!

Use it in case of a musical emergency!

CMYK RS 14.jpg
CMYK RS 14.jpg

When it comes to rescuing the music, you can always count on...

Bookmarks Front.jpg
opening World of Rock scene clouds 2.png
CMYK RS 10.jpg
CMYK RS 13.jpg
CMYK RS 11.jpg
Ben Promo Reach.png
Treble CLEF.png

Who's ready for some Treble?

Who is brave enough to save the music?

Poster 2.jpg
Sketch Arrow 2_edited.png
Treble Maker text.png

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Play their favorite music in front of 80,000 fans!

CMYK RS 15.jpg
Kickstarter Headers Adventure.png
You can now engage on their level with so many new ways to make music real!
Our mission is to help children achieve their full potential.

For a limited time only...

If you're a music lover and you want to share your love of music with your child...

Treble Jump.png
Ben Promo Reach.png
BtB FB Banner 22 Kit.png

With this children's Music Adventure Kit your young ones will learn...
PILLAR #1:  Unlock the door to a world of music and adventure with your child.

This series was carefully written so that children can have an immersive musical experience, even in just one story!

There are hundreds of references textually and visually for them to explore these fun adventures together.
PILLAR #2: Working Together. Different instruments play different music notes to create a song.  

We highlight how each instrument's part is essential for creating a song.
BtB info characters nt.png
PILLAR #3:  Setup For Success. After this adventure, they will be familiar with some fundamental music terminology.

Plus, now that music has had the approach through lots of challenges and smiles to equip on the next stage in their passion for music, it won't seem as scary (or boring) to learn an instrument.

This inspiration will help push through the challenges of learning an instrument.

Playing music will bring an endless source of joy and success for the child at home, school, and beyond.

But why does it matter if a child plays music? What benefits do they miss out on if they don't play?


Website layout sample.png

Music education helps students in preschool and elementary school learn to read and write because it enriches their language skills (for example through rhymes and patterns) and helps students read more fluently. -Paquette, K.R. & Rieg, S.A. Department of Professional Studies in Education

Experience with music at a young age in effect can "fine-tune" the brain's auditory system. Increasing music experience appears to benefit all children -- whether musically exceptional or not -- in a wide range of learning activities -Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern's Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

With this incredible package, you now have interactive elements to create a music corner in your home or classroom

This Ben The Brave Music Ultimate Package is jam-packed with incredible original content to help bring music to life.

Ready to unlock musical success and have your child pick up a fun and healthy activity?

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From the Beginning


love music.png
We provide a safe and caring environment for your children and students. Our music program offers many different ways for your children to interact with music.
Our mission, vision, and values create a nurturing and stimulating environment for all children.
Music has the power to break down barriers, and this is a perfect place to explore that.
We give students the tools they need for future happiness and success, both academically and emotionally.
Music is the way to get there. Our program that uses music to teach is very unique. It allows students to learn by doing and experiencing. If you want to learn more, please contact us!
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Michael has been in the industry for over a decade. From working with signed record artists in multi-million dollar studios to publishing his music on Spotify and traveling the world performing songs he wrote!


After working in the industry for 15 years, he earned the moniker "Michael the Musician."


He first got excited about music when he was 11 years old and obsessed with drumming on the dining room table. Now he is on a mission to help kids adapt and learn music in their childhood.

Interested in learning more about Ben The Brave? Get in touch, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Treble CLEF.png

Who's ready for some Treble?

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Early Bird Pre-Order Discount for a limited time only!

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Early Bird Pre-Order Discount for a limited time only!

Join our growing fan club and tell everyone they know about it to get even more children into the wonderful world of music!  

Ben The Brave

Miami, FL 33162 United States

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