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Ben won't let anything get in the way of rescuing the music. He values his friends and absolutely believes music spreads joy beyond the world and throughout the universe.

The 'Treble Maker' is a sneaky one. He always steals the musical key, which prevents anyone from listening to that world's music. As clever as the Treble maker is, he never is really able to get away from Ben. He's not so fast, and he's kind of clumsy just as he is about to be successful in getting away.

Boom Boom the Bass Clef is Ben's trusty side-kick. He's always ready for a musical mission!

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Ben heroic.png

The Musical Key is the way we get to hear the music. It can power any musical world as long as you have it. They are combined when each instrument joins their notes with the other instruments. Don't startle them because they get scared easily.

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Hear me play piano

Pearl the Piano hails from England and has a proper taste in the finer types of music. Such genres as rock, classical, and Hip-Hop.




The Drum family is a dynamic family that loves to play to their own rhythm. As their family motto goes, "A family that drums together stays together!"

Hear us play drums

Betty the Bass is the only one who always has her cool. Nothing can get her off-beat. She yawns in the face of danger.

Gabe the Guitar loves soloing and always wants to jam.  As Gabe says in his signature line, 'just play to get the problems away!'

Hear me play guitar
Hear me play bass
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